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Oak® Software, Inc.

Serving IBM Midrange Customers Since 1978.

Oak® Software, Inc. has served more than 1000 customers since 1978. We offer helpful, knowledgeable telephone support; training classes on-site and in our Florida office; and custom modifications. But most of all, at Oak® Software, Inc. we listen to our customers.

IBM AS/400 Software from Oak® Software, Inc.:

Oak® Help Manager Create Help text and documentation easily
Oak® ISO Organizer Document control for ISO/9000
OakWord® Comprehensive office automation with word processing
MiniWord Easy and powerful word processing
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Oak® Software, Inc.
P.O. Box 400
Indian Rocks Beach, FL 33785
Phone: 1-727-596-0262
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Oak® Help Manager

The Oak® Help Manager makes window help text as easy to create and maintain as typing. The Oak® Help Manager creates UIM window help text, the kind used by IBM on the AS/400. The Oak® Help Manager reads your DSPF source and prompts for help information, inserting all necessary keywords into your DSPF and building UIM (User Interface Manager) help text. Once entered, the help information can be easily formatted into professional-looking printed documentation complete with tables of contents and pictures of your display screens.

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Oak® ISO Organizer

You need a quality product to compete in the global marketplace. The internationally accepted proof that your plant produces quality products is ISO/9000 or QS-9000 certification. The number one reason that companies fail their certification is poor document control.

The Oak® ISO Organizer will meet your document control needs utilizing your IBM AS/400 computer. Some users may view documents for specific departments. Others may print and others may make changes. Complete audit trail is maintained. Printed documents are serial numbered for replacement when changes are made. "Templates", similar to on-line tables of contents organize the documents.

The Oak® ISO Organizer works with either WordPerfect or Word or any text files on PC's under client-server, "dumb" terminals, or a mixed environment. Included are all programs necessary to produce on-line and printed documentation, including quality manuals, procedures and work instructions. Pre-defined "templates" follow the QS-9000, ISO/9001, ISO/9002, ISO/9003 and ISO/14000 requirements.

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OakWord® adds powerful word processing and office automation functions to your AS/400. A full-screen, full-function text editor allowing unlimited insertion and removal of text with automatic realignment of paragraphs is just the beginning. OakWord® has many features you won't find in other programs, such as a spelling dictionary with 78,000+ words, an integrated spread sheet, an interface to your data processing files that can process multiple files at once, a built-in customer file that can be used for correspondence or to maintain mailing lists or databases. OakWord® does mass mailings and mail-merges using the built-in customer file or your data files. OakWord® has advanced functions like a readability index to tell you how educated your readers have to be, and a print preview to show you exactly what your document will look like before it's printed.

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MiniWord adds basic, easy-to-use word processing to the AS/400 and features a spelling dictionary with 78,000+ words. MiniWord includes a full-screen, full-function text editor that allows for unlimited insertion and removal of text with automatic realignment of paragraphs, automatic pagination, a "print preview" function and many more features. MiniWord prints documents in either the interactive environment or submitted to batch mode. MiniWord is SAA-compliant, and uses regular workstations or attached PC's.

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